Please read the Rental Application Directions below carefully to avoid any delay. Applicants are NOT accepted on a “first-come-first-serve” basis. The approval process can take 24 to 48 hours. If the landlord accepts your rental offer, we will draft a lease and obtain signatures. For your convenience, you may use our printable “Step-By-Step Instructions to Renting a Home“.

Resident Research

Before we can begin the approval process, the Rental Application MUST be…

  • Completed by each individual age 18 and over who will occupy the property.
  • Include a Non-Refundable Application Fee of $50.00 per applicant.
  • Include a photocopy of a valid driver’s license or passport for each applicant.
  • Include a separate payment for the Earnest Money Deposit as explained below…

Earnest Money Deposit:

The Earnest Money Deposit MUST…

  • be paid before Bev Roberts Rentals can draft a lease and obtain signatures.
  • equal the amount of the listing price.
  • be made payable to Bev Roberts Rentals.
  • be issued in the form of Certified Funds (cash, cashier’s check or money order). NO EXCEPTIONS.

By completing the Online Rental Application Tenant understands and agrees…

This hereby constitutes my offer to the homeowner of the described property, through Bev Roberts Rentals, Inc., to lease the premises for the term and upon the conditions set forth in this offer. I understand the property is available for the advertised lease term and conditions. I understand the property condition of the rental is “as is” unless I otherwise specify work I wish to be done as a part of my rental offer. I am aware that I must indicate to the agent, on this form, all items that need to be addressed with my offer. Should I request a lease term or conditions other than that advertised, the homeowner may request additional rent or deny my offer.

I hereby tender the non-refundable application fee to Resident Research, LLC. I also agree to tender the earnest money to Bev Roberts Rentals, which is refundable if this offer is not accepted by the homeowner. I agree that the earnest money shall be applied to the first month’s rent upon acceptance of this offer by the homeowner. Before I am given possession of the premises, I agree to execute a lease agreement for the premises and pay the security deposit as determined by the homeowner. In the event a payment is submitted and returned for, but not limited to, Insufficient Funds (NSF), Stop Payment, or Closed Account; I understand and agree that the amount must be paid in full in the form of cash, cashier’s check, or money order within 48 hours. I understand and agree to pay an additional $25 returned payment fee and possibly a 5% late fee. I understand there are no exceptions.

I acknowledge and agree that the earnest money is freely given to the homeowner, through Bev Roberts Rentals, Inc., in consideration of the homeowner’s act of removing the premises from the real estate market in reliance on this offer to lease. Therefore, I agree that if I fail or refuse, for any reason whatsoever, to execute the lease agreement once it has been communicated to me that the offer has been accepted by the homeowner, I understand and agree that the homeowner will retain the full amount of the earnest money as liquidated damages, which I freely acknowledge is not a penalty but rather a reasonable expectation of damages which the homeowner may incur as a result of temporarily removing the premises from the real estate market and attempting to find another party to lease the premises.

Notwithstanding the preceding terms of my offer, I acknowledge and agree that homeowner, through Bev Roberts Rentals, Inc., may terminate this agreement without liability of any kind after homeowner’s acceptance in the event that my offer is not approved due to negative information either contained in my credit report(s) and/or discovered after consulting with rental references. In said event, I have the right to demand and secure the return of the earnest money from the homeowner, through Bev Roberts Rentals, Inc. Otherwise, the remaining terms of my offer shall control upon acceptance of offer by homeowner, through Bev Roberts Rentals, Inc.

I understand and authorize Bev Roberts Rentals, Inc., Resident Research, LLC, and/or any investigative agency employed by Bev Roberts Rentals, Inc., a full credit history including but not limited to credit report, contacting employers, contacting landlords and verifying criminal background. I understand I may be contacted by a Resident Research, LLC representative within 24-48 hours if any additional information is required to establish my account. I hereby release all parties from all liability for any damage that may result from furnishing this information. I hereby acknowledge that the submitted information is correct to the best of my knowledge.

I understand and agree that my application fee, that I hereby tender to Resident Research, LLC, of $50.00 per occupant age 18 and over, is non-refundable. I understand and agree the application fee is non-refundable and there are no exceptions, such as, but not limited to, my failure to verify the property’s availability, my termination or breach of this agreement, my failure to execute the lease agreement, or the homeowner’s denial of my rental offer. I understand and agree that Bev Roberts Rentals, Inc. will collect from me the equivalent of one month’s full rent as earnest money PRIOR to processing my offer. This earnest money is given to validate my intention to rent the property upon approval of my offer. I understand the earnest money will be deposited immediately into Bev Roberts Rentals, Inc. Trust Account.

I understand that once Resident Research, LLC processes my application and submits my results to Bev Roberts Rentals, Inc., Bev Roberts Rentals, Inc. will contact the homeowner to present my rental offer. I agree to allow time for the homeowner to consider my offer. I understand that if I am denied, a check to refund my earnest money will be issued only after ten business days in order to allow my payment to clear the bank. Upon approval of my offer, I realize a lease will be drafted and arrangements for obtaining signatures will be made.

I agree to compensate the Bev Roberts Rentals, Inc. a non-refundable revisit fee of $50.00 per visit shall I decided to return to the property for additional viewings. This includes, but is not limited to, revisiting the property to take measurements, showing the property to additional family members or friends, or to take photos or video of the property. I understand the implementation of the revisit fee is to offset the agent’s expense of time, gasoline, and effort to revisit the property. I acknowledge the fee must be in certified funds and is required upon the meeting.

It is understood that Bev Roberts Rentals, Inc. and the firm’s agent represent the landlord as the landlord’s agent. The firm’s agent may still help find and lease property, and provide many of the same services as a tenant’s agent, but it is wholly understood that the agent represents the landlord; therefore, must try to obtain for the landlord the best possible terms for the landlord’s property. Furthermore, a landlord’s agent is required to give the landlord any information about the tenant that would help the landlord in the lease of their property. In addition, the landlord’s agent is compensated by the landlord. A Bev Roberts Rentals, Inc. agent and a tenant must sign a Dual Agency Agreement for Bev Roberts Rentals, Inc. to act as agent for both tenant and landlord.

Standard terms included in the North Carolina Residential Rental Contract are as follows…

All utilities are the responsibility of the tenant unless otherwise specified. Utility service in your name for the rental must commence no later than the lease start date. If you have questions concerning utility service, please ask Bev Roberts Rentals, Inc. Utility companies may require deposits.

Pets will be considered case by case with the homeowner’s approval. There will be a non-refundable pet fee or additional deposit required for any pets permitted with the lease. The only pet(s) permitted is as listed on the Pet Addendum. No unauthorized pets shall be allowed in or on the premises at anytime without prior written permission from the homeowner, this includes, but is not limited to, No Pet-Sitting.

Additional terms included in the North Carolina Residential Rental Contract are as follows:

  1. Lawn maintenance is the responsibility of the tenant unless otherwise specified.
  2. The tenant will allow showings of the property, with notification, no later than 60 days prior to the end of the tenant’s occupancy.
  3. Rentals beginning other than the first day of the month may be prorated on a daily basis.
  4. All funds must be paid on or before the start of the lease date, regardless of whether possession is taken at that time.
  5. The tenant is not permitted to assign the lease to another party or sublet the property in whole or part.
  6. Homeowner or Agent may hold the security deposit in an interest-bearing trust account. Interest to accrue to homeowner or as homeowner directs.
  7. The North Carolina Residential Rental Contract requires that tenants maintain renter’s insurance.

All other terms of the North Carolina Residential Rental Contract apply, including that the tenant is liable for the full rental term specified in the lease. If the tenant breaches the contract, the tenant is liable for, but not limited to:

  1. Any unpaid rents and any future lost rental monies due to vacancy.
  2. Any fees incurred by the Landlord to re-let the property, including any fees to agencies used for assistance in re-letting the property.
  3. Any costs necessary to clean/repair property to its original condition.
  4. Any legal fees incurred by the Landlord.

Bev Roberts Rentals, Inc. abides by the Fair Housing Laws of the State of North Carolina. If you have any questions concerning the application and rental process, please contact our office at 919-306-5665.

I acknowledge that verbal negotiations are binding and enforceable. I have read and understand the provisions provided as stated above.

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