Bev Roberts Rentals offers Leasing Assistance Services alone or in conjunction with our Property Management Service. Either way, we have the ability to get your property rented to a carefully screened applicant in the shortest amount of time. The following are a few advantages of utilizing our Leasing Assistance Service…

Rental Fee…

You Pay ONLY for Results!

We deduct our Rental Fee from the rent paid directly by the tenant as explained below. We are only compensated after we’ve located a tenant and the lease term begins. Our fees are fair, competitive, worth the investment, and tax deductible!

The fee for our leasing service is based on the length of the lease as follows:

  • Rental Fee:
    1 to 6 month lease:

    Equal to 75% of one full month’s rent.

    7 to 18 month lease:
    Equal to 100% of one full month’s rent.

    19 to 24 month lease or longer:
    Equal to 100% of one full month’s rent. Fee will be collected from the first month’s rent.
    In addition, a fee equal to 50% of one full month’s rent will be collected from the second month’s rent.

  • Showing Fee:
    FREE of charge. We will compensate the licensed showing Broker.
  • Termination Fee:
    FREE of charge after 90 days.
  • Management Fee:
    Your first month of management is FREE should you decided to utilize our Property Management Service.
    *Not valid with any other discounts or re-renting commission income. Requires an executed Exclusive Property Management Agreement for a term of 7 months or longer.
  • Sales Commission:
    2% commission of the gross sales price if the tenant secured by our firm purchases the property.
  • No Hidden Fees:
    We offer our FULL leasing assistance service for the fees explained above.

Leasing Assistance Services Include:

Our services offer landlords’ assistance in leasing their home effortlessly. We will help you:

  • Determine fair market value of your property
  • Market your property on MLS and other websites
  • Show your property throughout the week and weekend
  • Provide a 24 hour answering service
  • Acquire tenant’s credit, criminal, employment, & rental reports
  • Negotiate and draft the Rental Contracts
  • Complete a property inspection
  • Collect first months rent and security deposit
  • AND MUCH MORE at no additional cost…

Tenant Rental Application Process

One of the most valuable services Bev Roberts Rentals performs is checking an applicant’s background. A thorough screening process results in reliable tenants that pay rent on time, rent for longer terms, leave less wear and tear on the property, and generally cause less problems.

The application approval process includes:

  • Employment and Wage Verification:
    The applicant’s employer is contacted directly to obtain a formal verification of employment. This includes the applicant’s start date, current employment status, position or title, compensation structure along with the amount of hours worked on average if the applicant is an hourly employee. This is key to ensure the applicant has not had any recent changes in employment status that is not shown on a pay stub.
  • Consumer Credit Reports:
    We provide the applicant’s FICO score and payment history, as well as a fraud evaluation tool to help eliminate many cases of identity theft with credit alerts. Public records are also included on the credit report showing any Tax Liens, Bankruptcies or Judgments that have been rendered against the applicant.
  • Nationwide Criminal Records:
    Criminal background checks are performed on a nationwide scale by compiling a database made up of Federal, State, County and Local records, while also including the Sex Offender Registry, Warrant and Wanted Person’s Database and the International Terrorist Watch List.
  • Nationwide Eviction Records:
    We provide a detailed search county by county of eviction record filings nationwide. This report will uncover new filings, dismissals, writ of possession orders as well as financial judgments.
  • Residence Verification:
    We provide a detailed report to uncover all of the valuable information on an applicant’s rental history. The phone number provided by the applicant is verified to make certain it actually belongs to the past landlord.

Our copyrighted Rental Application can be found on our website under the Tenant Forms section.

Advertising is placed on…

Most properties listed with Bev Roberts Rentals are rented through a time-developed network of tenants who frequent this website and who are attracted with the help of local Realtors through Triangle MLS.

Leasing & Property Management are not secondary services to our company…

they’re our FIRST and ONLY services!

Bev Roberts Rentals has leasng and property management experience since 1992. We make leasing and property management our first and only priority!

In the current market, owners must be careful when selecting a leasing agency and property manager. Any property manager can tell you that since the shift in the economy, there have been several new leasing agencies and property management companies established. Many realtors who typically specialize in sales are finding business fairly slow, so have ventured into the property management business. Just like any business; some are experienced, and some are not. It’s important for an owner to look for longevity. What a property owner doesn’t want is a company that sells homes, but experiments with property management on the side.