Does Bev Roberts Rentals represent the Tenant or Landlord?

Per the Tenant’s signed Rental Application, “It is understood Bev Roberts Rentals is the agent of the Landlord.” We represent the Landlord per a binding Listing Contract and Property Management Agreement signed by the Landlord and Bev Roberts Rentals.

When is rent due and where can I pay?

Rent is due on or before the first day of each month. Rent is considered late if it is received after the first; however, a late fee will not be charged until after the allowed grace peroid. All rent payments received after the fifth day of each month will automatically be charged a 5% late fee, and must be included with that month’s rent. Late rent payments must be paid in the form of certified funds: cash, cashier’s check, or money order. Rent not received before the close of business on the tenth of the month will result in a eviction filing and a court action, and attorney’s fees and court costs must be paid by you to cease the eviction. The lease states that postal delays, post-mark dates, bank discrepancies, online payment system errors, weekends or holidays, or any other pretext does not constitute a waiver of late fees.

Rent can be paid online, by mail, at our office, or our indoor or outdoor drop box at:

Bev Roberts Rentals, Inc.
930 SE Cary Parkway, Suite 104
Cary, North Carolina 27518-7419

Our office is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM. Please specify your rental address in the memo field of your check.

Can you waive my late fee?

We do not waive late fees. Fair Housing Laws require that we treat all tenants equally. We cannot decide if one resident is more deserving than another of paying late fees; therefore, we enforce late fees across the board.

How do I request maintenance?

All maintenance requests must be directed in writing by mail or made through the online tenant portal at:

We WILL NOT reimburse tenants for repairs completed without prior approval from the property owner.

We assign maintenance requests as soon as they are submitted to a team of reputable contractors. Response time is comparable to or better than what you would receive by calling yourself; however, please notify us if a contractor hasn’t contacted you in 48 hours.

What do I do in the case of an emergency?

In case of emergency, please call (919) 306-5665. We are available 24/7 for emergency response. Examples of emergencies are active water leaking, flooding, gas odors etc. Items such as dishwasher problems or a burner out are not considered emergencies.

** For FIRE, GAS or Natural Disasters, call 911 FIRST **

What am I responsible for maintaining in the home?

Tenants are responsible for changing air filters monthly. If malfunction or repairs to any part of a HVAC system are reported as a result of dirty air filters, the tenant will be responsible for the repair and replacement costs. Tenant must replace smoke detector and CO detector batteries as needed. If the detector is not operational, the tenant must notify us to obtain a replacement. Light bulbs that are easily accessible are also the tenant’s responsibility. Yard maintenance may also be required. Please refer to your lease for a complete list.

Am I responsible for utilities?

Tenant is responsible for hooking up and paying for their own utilities unless otherwise stated in the lease. Utility service, in Tenant’s name, must commence no later than the lease start date. Typically, Tenant is responsible for, but not limited to, water, electric, telephone, cable, internet, and gas services; for the full duration of the lease. For your convenience, here is a printable utilities sheet.

Do I need approval to paint or make a change to the home?

All alterations require advance written approval from the landlord. This includes adding things such as alarm systems, satellite dishes, light fixtures, ceiling fans, or gardens. Similarly, removing or replacing flooring, wallpaper, or paint is prohibited without prior written approval from the landlord.

Do I need approval for a pet?

If your lease allows a pet, only the pet listed on the Pet Addendum is authorized. Other pets are never allowed at the property for any length of time. Unauthorized pets are considered a violation, and may lead to fees or possibly eviction. Before getting a pet, please contact us for landlord approval. A pet addendum and pet deposit may be required.

What pets are restricted?

Only the pet listed on the Pet Addendum is authorized. Other pets are never allowed at the property for any length of time; including, but not limited to, No Pet Sitting. Unauthorized pets are considered a violation, and may lead to violation fees or possibly eviction. Before getting a pet, please contact us for landlord approval. Based on insurance company tables, restricted dog breeds include Akita, Alaskan Malamute, American Bulldog, American Eskimo Dog, Argentino, Australian Cattledog, Beauceron, Black Russian Terrier, Boerboel, Boxer, Bullmastiff, Cane Corso, Catahoula Leopard Dog, Chow Chow, Dalmatian, Dingo, Doberman, English Bull Terrier, English Bulldog, English Mastiff, Eskimo Spitz, German Shepherd, Giant Schnauzer, Great Dane, Gull Terrier, Husky, Korean Jindo, Ovcharka (aka Caucasian Shepherd Dog), Pit Bull, Presa Canario, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Rottweiler, Shiba Inu, Saint Bernard, Shar Pei, Siberian Husky, Staffordshire Terrier, Thai Ridgeback, Tosa, Weimaraner, Wolf, Wolf Hybrids, and mixes of these breeds. Any animal with a bite history, aggressive nature, or similar offense is restricted. Based on insurance company tables, restricted animal breeds include rabbits, ferrets, lizards, iguanas, snakes, reptiles, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, rats, and all exotic pets.

*Assistance animals are in a different legal classification than pets who are not assistance animals.

Do I need renter’s insurance?

It is required that all residents carry renter’s insurance to cover themselves and their personal property. Refer to your lease or consult with your insurance agent for specific details.

Do I need approval for an additional occupant or roommate?

Only the people named on the lease are allowed to occupy the home. Please contact us before moving in any additional occupants. We must seek landlord written approval and may need to process an application for additional occupants.

Can the landlord enter the home at any time?

The landlord reserves the right to enter the premises during reasonable hours and with a reasonable amount of notice for the purpose of:

  • inspecting the premises and a tenant’s compliance with the terms of the lease.
  • making repairs, alterations, improvements or additions the landlord my deem appropriate.
  • showing the premises to prospective purchasers or tenants.

What if I want to extend my lease?

Please contact us, so we may obtain approval from the landlord and compose the necessary contracts to extend your lease.

What if I want to move before the end of my lease?

By signing the lease, you agreed to remain in the property until lease end. Should an early move out be necessary, please contact us to discuss the breach terms or you may refer to your lease, particularly the section titled “BREACH OF CONTRACT”. If you breach the contract, you are liable for:

  • Any unpaid rents and any future lost rental monies due to early vacancy.
  • Any fees incurred by the landlord to re-let the property, including, but not limited to, any fees to agencies used for assistance in re-letting the property.
  • Any costs necessary to clean and/or repair property to its original condition.
  • Any legal fees incurred by the landlord.

A breach of the contract may result in information regarding tenant performance in relation to your contract being forwarded to credit reporting agencies.

What if I want to move at the end of my lease?

It is required that you provide us a notice to vacate 60 days before the end of the lease term. Not providing notice 60 days prior could result in a lease extension of an additional 30 days. For your convenience, the Notice to Vacate form can be found on our website under Tenant Forms.

When will I receive my Security Deposit?

Per North Carolina General Statutes Tenant Security Deposit Act § 42-52, we are allowed up to 30 days after the termination of the tenancy and delivery of possession to refund the Security Deposit and/or provide an itemized statement of deductions. We don’t issue the security deposit back immediately, because a lot of possible damage is not discernible during the initial inspection. Just a few examples are fleas that haven’t hatched yet, carpet stains that were scrubbed invisible before the walk-though but re-appear later, dirty A/C filters the HVAC guy found sucked up into the air intake cavity, pet or cigarette smoking odors that are masked during inspection and return in a few of days, and a long list of other possibilities. Therefore, even if we wanted to, even if the place appeared to be in remarkable condition with no visible problems, we still hold the funds until it has reached near the 30 day period. If the claim against the deposit can’t be finalized within that time (for example, if necessary repairs haven’t been completed), we are permitted to send an interim accounting at the 30-day point and then a final accounting within 60 days.

Please be sure to provide us with a forwarding address.